A pregnancy app to help you through contractions

Doula is your personal labor coach that will help you breath through labor, ease your contractions, will provide you with psychological comfort and calm you down.

What do they say about the Doula pregnancy app in the media?

"The most complete and highest rated childbirth app. With this app..."
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The iphone app review: "For an app designed to assist women in labor, Doula... "
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Gazet van Antwerpen:
"Bevalling. Nederlandse ontwikkelt app voor vrowen in arbeid..."
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How can the Doula pregnancy app help you during your labor?

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Soon you will give birth. Probably you prepare well during pregnancy by following a course, reading about childbirth and talking about it with your partner and friends.

The moment the contractions start or the membranes break will surely be very exciting for you: you have been waiting for this for months and now it's really happening, your baby is coming.

I, Marijke Sibie, a midwife in the Birth Center in Amsterdam, have developed this app to help you at the first hours of labor. If you get a contraction, press the button and I'll talk you through it. I will give you tips on how to cope with the contractions, I'll describe you visualizations and will help you to relax and surrender to the process of birth.

In my work, I often see women that forget to relax between contractions because of the intensity of the contractions. The intervals between contractions are very important because you can relax your muscles as your body produces endorphins, the natural painkiller. In this app, I have also created a button for you to remember to relax between contractions.

If you haven't created any playlist yet (hint!), in the app you can find a soothing background music that I have selected for you.

On this site you will find a lot of information about pregnancy and childbirth, I try to regularly write new blog posts and hope you benefit from this information.

If you have any questions or comments about the app, please email me.

Functionalities Doula pregnancy app


Coaching at three different regimes - voice, puffing and relax. During your contractions Marij will guide and encourage you with her voice. Marij will breathe with you whenever you find it hard to keep your breath. Just follow her and you will get a better grip.


Graphs will inform you about the duration of your contractions and the intervals between your contractions. It is very important to keep track of contractions and thus be aware when the child is ready to appear.


You can choose nice background music or nature sounds to help you relax. Marij has personally combined various pleasant light tracks that will calm you down and set you on the right mood.


Share your statistics with family and friends via Facebook, Twitter or mail.


Doula app goes international and is available in 6 different languages: Dutch, English, German, Turkish, Spanish and Moroccan.

What women say about the Doula pregnancy app:

I became so relaxed because of the voice of the Doula App. And even when I started to panic I pressed the ‘puff’ button and I was coached back to breathing calmlyThe mother of Senna

What a pleasant app. It helped me through my contractions last night! Recommended for every pregnant woman. - Maria van Dam

Downloaded the app to help my wife with labour. It was really helpful when my wife was in labor. It was really calming and she enjoyed it. Made it easy for me to help.Craigrage

A very beautiful app. I wish I had a doula but this is as close as I can get. This is my first pregnancy and it is very soothing and calming. I will be using this app when I give birth at the hospital this year. Thank you.SytheticElegance